If you’re like most bloggers, you’re probably (unknowingly) ignoring ignore 50% of your website visitors.

  • Showing offers they can’t buy
  • Sharing content that’s irrelevant
  • Prompting them to optin to ‘pointless’ lists
  • Or buy affiliate offers that make no sense

You work so hard to drive traffic – so why not profit from it all! The Internet is global, but unfortunately your website probably isn’t.

Which means… while it CAN make you money 24/7 – chances are, every second visitor that’s hitting your page is being ignored.

I’ve just tried this new WordPress plugin. You could image that you can instantly double the sales on your website by automatically showing offers that count, to people who can buy – wherever their location.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Commission Bullseye Review for more details.

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Commission Bullseye Turns Regular Blog Normal Traffic Into The Extraordinary. Displaying Different, More Targeted Content According To The Visitors Location...

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1. Commission Bullseye Review – Overview

1. Homepage:  Commission Bullseye Official Site

2. Product name:  Commission Bullseye

3. Product type: WP Plugin 

4. Author: Cindy Donovan

5. Target Niche: General, eCommerce

6. Official price: $19.97

7. Bonuses: Bonuses from MY SITE

8. Recommended: Highly Recommend

9. Skill levels needed: No need any levels

10. Support: High

2. Commission Bullseye Review – What is it?


Commission Bullseye is a WordPress plugin that lets you place geo targeted content on your blog.  Display Amazon ads for multiple countries, show certain content or ads to targeted locations and more, giving you:

  • Multiple Amazon Accounts: Users can connect Amazon accounts and show content from the right region automatically
  • Geo Aware Popups, Announcement Bars & In-Post Content:  It’s full control, anywhere for ANY combination of geo targeting you choose.
  • Supported By Our Dedicated Team: We stand by our products and provide awesome service
  • Proven Winner! I’ve launched more than 20 “Product of the Day” offers, we know how to sell and get you the most cash per click.

About the author:


Cindy Donovan is the creator of the product. She is a talent programmer who comes with a large number of successful products such as Text Deliver, LevelX, Video Overplay, Word Press Scope, Sticky Post, Viral Loop 2.0, Wildfire Webinars and Web Traffic Wildfire. Cindy is interested in online marketing that she quit coming from her study and focuses on her newly launched organization. This online hobby-project started to be the inspiration and later achievement for Cindy. In May 2015 Cindy exited IM Prosperity Builders to embark upon this kind of exciting new venture: Wildfire Concepts, developing even more WordPress themes and extensions, but also expanding to SaaS creation.

It is important to know that, Commission Bullseye will not just appear miraculously in nature without having a source; of course someone must have used his skills, knowledge, and abilities to come up with this wonderful and useful theme tool that will help millions of digital marketers worldwide. Come July 30th, 2017, Cindy Donovan – who happens to be the owner of this amazing WordPress Theme tool is going to be releasing it into the markets for those who are interested in making a difference in digital marketing.

3. Commission Bullseye Review – The Key Features

I’ve recently found out that Commission Bullseye has some powerful features. Today in my Commission Bullseye Review, I want to illustrate the outstanding features that this product offers. Here is the list of the main features:

Control What Will Be Shown


Upload and display images, add automatically curated Amazon ads (in any country you choose) or let your imagination run wild with our easy-to-use WYSIWIG editor and HTML builder.

Add videos, segment lead gen with optin forms or use it to insert simple key phrases that targeted to get higher response rates – or, even entire articles, headlines, special affiliate promotions and more!

 Control How They Are Displayed

Making sales becomes a LOT easier, when the sales message lines up with what people are wanting to buy, in a way that makes sense to them.

 Next Level Facebook, Twitter & AdWords Ads


Make your single ad go a WHOLE lot further.  Simply set up a regular Facebook (or any other) ad and when your visitor lands on the page, add  send it to your page you’re able to turn that one ad into multiple highly targeted campaigns.

 Take Advantage Of GEO Specific Events (SSSS…) Sneaky Sales Spike Strategies

Another great opportunity to boost sales is by targeting specific ads to certain events.  Run one, highly targeted campaign to a country… without having to sacrifice sales to people where that ad would be totally irrelevant.

→ Stop Losing Money To Invalid CPA/Affiliate Offers

Now, you can control the content – so you can ONLY show links to certain CPA offers, to certain countries – so YOU send 100% valid traffic to every offer – instantly skyrocketing your results.


4. Commission Bullseye Review – How Does It Work?

I want to emphasize via my Commission Bullseye Review that you could already have some ideas about how to use this on your blog – the flexibility of this software opens up a lot of opportunities. Here are a demo to show you what you can achieve with Commission Bullseye.

You can watch Commission Bullseye Demo below

5. Commission Bullseye Review – Evaluation and Price

I strongly believe that buying Commission Bullseye at this stage is a feasible decision since the price is still kept affordable, so those with low budgets should hurry up. If you favor this WP plugin, please note that it will be launched on August 1, 2017.

Additionally, Commission Bullseye – the main product price is $19.97, but there are also many other different price packages for you to choose.

Commission Bullseye has 1 Main Product and 3 OTOs: 


Main Product – Commission Bullseye ($19.97) >>> See Detail <<<

OTO 1 – Commission Bullseye, Geo Command ($19.97) unlocks a module that let’s you control entire pages, redirecting your traffic to pages you select, based on your campaign settings >>> See Detail <<<

OTO 2 – Commission Bullseye, InstaBullseye ($37) unlocks the importer function and use our collection of done for you campaigns >>> See Detail <<<

OTO 3 – Commission Bullseye, Rolodex ($37) is my personal collection of best selling and best paying country based offers >>> See Detail <<<

You can receive a special discount – up to 80% when buying Commission Bullseye right now (The discount time is very limited).

The price is rising during this one-off-4-day product offering and that means the price you see below now is the lowest it will ever be.


Not only that Cindy Donovan is always regarded the reputation as the most important. So if you have any question, please contact her at her address. And if you want to return this product, you will be refunded with 100% money within 30 days. So why do you hesitate to buy it? Click on the below link to download Commission Bullseye in action!

6. Commission Bullseye Review – Conclusion

In short, if you’re looking for the easiest way to boost Amazon sales, and be one of those top affiliates with crazy high conversion rates you keep seeing.. You should consider this product and get one for yourself.

I will close my Commission Bullseye Review here, I hope my little knowledge can help you make the right decision. Every product has both advantages and disadvantages because we all know that nothing is perfect. It’s said that “Action speak louder than words”. Finally, if you see my review useful, share it to your friends and don’t forget to subscribe my site. See you again!


This Is Commission Bullseye Bonus When You Action On Commission Bullseye Review Today









Notice: There are just bonuses from the creator. Remember! You can choose 1 HUGE BONUS PACKAGES with valued over $39,999



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